Our Core Values

The Following Core Values reflect what is important to us, as a ministry. They shape our culture, define our character and guide our behaviour and decisions.


Becoming Christ-like. This is a process, which can be effectively achieved through relevant, practical teaching and mentorship.  It involves learning how the Lord Jesus Christ can acutely influence all aspects of our lives, so that Christ-likeness is absolutely evident in our daily living. Our overall objective is to have trained disciples train disciples to train disciples, in a continuing process that focuses on personal transformation and the lordship of Jesus Christ being established in each of our lives. 

Servant Leadership

Leadership in God's Kingdom is not about power, position or prestige. It’s about service. Our Lord and Master modelled this principle and mandated His disciples to follow this pattern (John 13). He rebuked those who were seeking position and admonished them to desist from selfish ambition (Matt. 20:20-28).  Servant Leaders seek ways to add value to others, primarily through serving them. Servant Leadership may entail motivating, enabling and empowering others to work together to fulfil the vision and call of God for the ministry, as well as to produce personal growth and development in each member.  Humility, respect for others, a spirit of sacrifice, and love are clearly evident in the life of a Servant Leader.



Confident belief in God and His Word; consistently and persistently maintaining trust that God is who He says that He is and that He is able and willing to meet each one at his/her point of need (whatever this need may be). We must live by faith because without it we cannot please God.  



The institution of marriage, family, and children began when God created man and woman.  Family was established by God and remains very high on His agenda.  God is the only one that must come before our family.  He must be first place in our lives.  Second in our order of priorities must be our spouse and children.  God see this relationship so important that one can be disqualified from active service as a leader in ministry if he is unable to effectively manage his family affairs (1Tim. 3:5).



Consistent expressions of compassion, concern, empathy and consideration for the needs and values of others.  It results from the understanding that people matter to God, therefore they matter to us.  We shall always remember that “People don’t care how much we know, until they know how much we care.” 


True commitment to God arises from faith in Him and His promises. It is expressed in prayer, worship and adoration, and leads to obedience to God. Commitment to a vision arises from an intellectual and/or emotional buy-in to the organisation’s mission, goals and values. It involves dedication, faithfulness, accountability and trust, as well as being engaged in actions and behaviours consistent with the furtherance of the said vision. 



Steadfast adherence to high biblical, ethical and professional standards; maintaining truthfulness, fairness and dependability before God, others and ourselves.



The attribute of being outstanding or exceptional.  Excellence reflects God. It is, therefore, incumbent on us to consistently pursue the highest quality in every area of life and ministry. Excellence honours God and inspires greatness.