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Through the Years

In the recesses of the heart, where dreams do ascend,

Covenant Life Transformation, God's grace does attend.

A decade unfolded, its narrative rich and clear,

Proclaiming God’s truth, faith's symphony to hear.

In Trinidad's east, where hope is bestowed,

Kent and Renee stood strong on this faithful road.

With Bishop Baird's wisdom, a beacon's soft gleam,

They laid a cornerstone, from a hopeful dream.

From the outset, they began with a mission in sight,

Empowering disciples with Scripture’s pure light.

The Bible's voice, the Spirit's tender caress,

A series of teachings, hearts nurtured and blessed.

Obedience, the anchor, unyielding and bold,

In God's will we're founded, and His truth we unfold.

With the Spirit's direction and integrity as our creed,

The love for our Maker, is the essence of our deed.

Servant-leaders united, in harmonious accord,

Motivating, empowering, at home and abroad.

Disciples birthing disciples, an unbroken chain,

A reproducible cycle we're committed to sustain.

So, Covenant's young minds, Catalyst's vibrant fire,

The future ignited, with God's love to inspire.

4Keeps, for families, its wisdom we share;

Marriage's embrace, parenting's tender care.

Kingdom Covenant Men, roaring in His grace,

And Women of Covenant, faith beautifies their space.

An annual brunch, a resplendent delight,

Where hearts overflow, in joy's radiant light.

Kent, the shepherd, wise and astute,

Renee at his side, where worship takes root.

Discipleship's heartbeat, guiding each stride,

In Christ alone, their faith always reside.

Foundations, Growth, ADAMi we embrace,

Equipping disciples, it’s a journey, not a race.

A decade's devotion, commitment so grand,

Empowered by His Spirit, guided by His hand.

Through the years, our hearts were aligned

To the truth of God's Word, because His will it defined.

With faith as our foundation, the Spirit's gentle sway,

Transformative discipleship, is lighting the way.

Day by day, we keep our mission in sight,

As CLTM stands in God's glorious light.

With rhythms of faith, and a symphony of praise,

For a decade of blessings, jubilant voices we raise.

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