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On behalf of the leadership of Covenant Life Transformation Ministries, I wish to express sincerest thanks to you, for your special financial contribution to the Ministry.  We are very appreciative of your kindness that is expressed through your giving.


Even as we receive the gift, we do so knowing that it may have been a great sacrifice financially and otherwise. It is therefore, received not as a gift per se, but a seed that would, no doubt, return to you a bountiful harvest. Your seed would be watered with prayer and we are believing God for you to receive all that your heart’s desire and more. Your generosity is a blessing that would open doors for great accomplishments and breakthroughs in your life.


Once again, we thank you.




Kent A. Jacob

Lead Pastor 

Covenant Life Transformation Ministries 

#3 Mt. Hope Road, Mount Hope

Trinidad and Tobago

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