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Exciting News!

We are thrilled to share some fantastic updates regarding our online giving platform! Your generosity and commitment to supporting our ministry have always been invaluable, and we are continuously striving to enhance your giving experience.

1️⃣ Currency Options Expanded:

TT and US Flags.webp

Now, you have the freedom to give in the currency that suits you best! Whether it's USD or TTD, your generosity knows no bounds. This flexibility ensures that no matter where you are in the world, supporting our mission is easier than ever.

2️⃣ Transparent Transaction Fees:

Fees - US Dollar.jpg

Your giving should be as meaningful as possible, which is why we've introduced new options regarding transaction fees. You can now choose whether to include the fee, split it 50/50, or opt not to include it at all. This flexibility ensures that your entire donation goes where it's needed most.

(Transaction Fee: 3.50% + $0.25) USD

3️⃣ Local Debit and Credit Cards Accepted:


We're excited to announce that local debit and credit cards can now be used for donations, with transactions processed in TTD. This update ensures smoother and more accessible giving for our community.

These enhancements represent a significant step forward for our ministry and provide you with even more opportunities to contribute to our shared vision of transformation and empowerment. Every donation, regardless of size, plays a crucial role in furthering our mission, and we are profoundly grateful for your continued support.

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