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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Today, I share with you a powerful video teaching by a good friend of mine, Pastor David L. Johnston, entitled "The 7 Aspects of Forgiveness". This teaching has helped me, personally, to better appropriate hurts I experienced in life, and erase the wrong of the offender/s. I trust that it would bring liberty to you in the area of forgiveness.

In Matthew Chapter 6 Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. In this model prayer, He outlined several key principles that can help us to be effective in our prayer. One of these principles is forgiveness.

According to our Lord, our prayer for forgiveness is directly related, or even proportionate, to our forgiving others (Matt. 6:12). The only point in the prayer that Jesus reiterated, emphasised and explained further, was forgiveness (Matt. 6:14,15). It is, therefore, necessary for us to learn how to forgive. Many people are suffering today, with sickness, disease and mental anguish because of their inability to forgive others.

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