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A Decade of Purpose: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Covenant Life Transformation Ministries

Today, we stand at a remarkable juncture—a decade of unwavering commitment, profound transformation, and a relentless pursuit of a higher calling. As we gather to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Covenant Life Transformation Ministries, we are not merely acknowledging the passage of time. No, we pause to recognize a decade of purpose-driven endeavours, lives touched by the Almighty God, and a collective dedication to transformative discipleship.

Our mission, speaks to the very essence of our existence: making disciples who will, in turn, make disciples. It's a mission that isn't bound by mere words; it's a mission that pulses in our hearts, drives our actions, and defines our path. It reaches into the far corners of the world, transforming lives, families, and even nations.

Our vision statement is a roadmap to significance—a call to disciple nations. This vision is a constant reminder that our impact extends beyond our immediate community. It transcends boundaries, cultures, and obstacles, reminding us that the transformative power of our message knows no limits. It is a vision rooted in faith, guided by the Holy Spirit, and driven by an unwavering commitment to integrity.

Our core values are the bedrock upon which our journey stands. They shape our culture, define our character and guide our behaviour and decisions. Obedience to the Word, walking in His will, and embracing holiness—it's not just a checklist, it's a lifestyle. Our faith in God isn't merely a spiritual accessory; it's the very foundation of our integrity, our decisions, and our way of life. And woven through it all is love—love for God and love for people. This love is what fuels our service. It enriches our community, and brings glory to Almighty God.

Leadership, my friends, is not about titles or power--Jesus admonishes “it must not be so among you”. Leadership is about character, influence and service. We are servant-leaders, not dictators. Our leadership is defined by the way we empower, motivate, and uplift others on this journey. As we stand today, united by a common purpose, we must recognize that our journey is one of transformation. Through our unwavering commitment to transformative discipleship, we are becoming more and more like the One we follow—Christ Himself.

As we reflect on these ten years—years of challenges, victories, growth, and grace—let's do so with gratitude. Gratitude for the lives transformed, the hearts renewed, and the impact that has rippled far beyond these walls and these shores.

And while we celebrate our journey thus far, our focus remains forward. The road ahead is filled with possibilities, challenges, and opportunities, but we step into it with unwavering confidence in the One who has brought us this far. “Hitherto the Lord hath helped us!”

So, my friends, remember that Covenant Life Transformation Ministries isn't just about accomplishments; it's about lives forever change, hearts ignited, and souls embraced by a loving Father. As we continue to make disciples who make disciples, let's hold fast to our commitment to God's Word, to our faith, to our love for one another, to servant leadership, and to the transformative journey that moulds us in the image of Christ.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each of you for being an essential part of this incredible voyage. Here's to a decade of purpose, and to countless more ahead. As we journey on, let us never forget: to God be the glory, now and always.

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