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Response to the Word of God

We continue in Luke 1:26-38 as we consider how Mary humbly submitted to the Lord saying, “Do it to me according to thy word”. There are three significant lessons which can be gleaned from this. Yesterday we looked at Reverence for God and His Word. Today we touch on the second lesson, Response to the Word of God. Mary responded positively to the Word of God. She willingly accepted it and did that which was required of her.

The way an individual respond’s to the Word of God testifies of that person’s faith and belief in God.

  1. We are to respond to God’s word with humility. The awe of our Heavenly Father, giving instructions, causes us to respond humbly.

  2. We are to submit to God’s word. To submit is to come under the authority of another. We must come under the authority of the Word of God.

  3. We must believe God’s Word. Submission to God is a product of our belief in who He is. It speaks of our confidence and assurance in God and His Word.

  4. We meditate on God’s word. The principles for true success and prosperity can be learnt through meditation on God’s Word.

  5. We are to willingly obey God’s Word. I have learnt many years ago that obedience brings the blessings (Deut. 28). God requires obedience.

  6. Finally, and very much connected to obedience, we must DO the Word. James 1:22 warns of the deception in being hearers only and not doers. Disciples are taught to do (Matt. 28:20).

In concluding, when Jesus resisted satan’s temptation he said, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”. I am of the belief that when we truly realise that our life depends on God’s Word, we would genuinely begin to live life with the right response to the Word of God.

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