An Awesome Privilege

There is an old saying, all good things must come to an end. And so, our short trip to Kisii had to come to an end. Both Renee and I have been thoroughly moved by what God has decided to do with us and the amazing turn of events on this trip. This visit has left such an indelible mark on both of us, that the people of Gucha have found a fixed place in our hearts. So although the trip has ended, this is actually the beginning of something beautiful.

Our ministry, Covenant Life Transformation Ministries International, would now have a presence on the other side of the world. We are to provide mentorship, ministry oversight, spiritual guidance and support to the Life Gospel Church Centre and children’s home.

Even though they are set to receive teachings and guidance from us, I think that there is a lot that we can learn from the people of Kisii. I have seen a level of contentment, in the midst of their lack, that we, in the West, can definitely emulate. They have so little, yet they are pleased to have what they have. Many of us have so much and yet we demand and require so much more. A precious sister from our church who has seen some of the videos and followed these posts, rightly sated, “Just looking at them and seeing their level of contentment with what they have, because that is what they know, is a valuable lesson for me also.” I think these sentiments would be echoed by anyone who truly witnesses how these wonderful people live their lives.

Another interesting observance made, is that although the people have such great needs, they have not sought to itemized things that they require. Everyone one requested basically one thing — prayer. “Pray that God would help us”. “Pray that God would protect us”. “Pray that God…” I find