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Pseudo Diversity and Make-believe Equality in Banks’ Pride Campaigns

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Recently, I was made aware of television and internet advertisements by a Canadian bank with several branches in our country, which clearly proclaim the bank's commitment to the development and promotion of the LGBT movement in this country. Personally, I find this advertisement offensive, insulting, and hypocritical. I have been a customer of that bank for the past eight years, and my organization has been discriminated against there. As far as I know, no corporation in this country has open policies that discriminate against members of the LGBT community. However, that bank, like others in Trinidad and Tobago, has open policies that discriminate against churches and some non-profit organizations.

Churches are intentionally discriminated against when it comes to the range of financial services available from banks. If the bank is truly committed to equality and diversity, I would expect a thorough examination of its policies to find places where certain segments of society are barred from receiving services as a result of the policies.

Meanwhile, the other Canadian-based local bank has modified its corporate image to represent support for the LGBT community, and from what I understand, a similar commitment to support "diversity" has been made as well. The modification in the logo, I was told, was made particularly for Pride Month.

I do not know about you, but I can't recall any month-long campaigns or changes in corporate identity from these banks in honour of Afro-Trinidadians for Emancipation Day or Indo-Trinidadians for Indian Arrival Day. Were there any alterations to these banks’ corporate identity in recognition of Trinidad and Tobago's multiple religious festivals? No, I do not believe so. I am also not aware of any bank pledging support and commitment to heterosexuality and the strengthening of the nuclear family, which has been under attack in recent years.

It is clear then that pseudo diversity and make-believe equality are being utilised to usher in an overhauling agenda. This is unacceptable and must be rejected.

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